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templatemoFor bridging the data gap and improving information availability we are committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information.

We recommend NGO owners to sumbit their NGOs to and help build us a better database.

The section contains list of Top 10 NGOs of India and abroad . NGO owners can submit their achievements and works which will help us to rank NGOs. The ranking changes every three days .

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NGO Ranking Website

templatemoA platform for sharing news and ideas related to social welfare and connecting with like-minded people.

Are you an NGO, a social entrepreneur, an activist, or a researcher? is for you!

Are you a funding agency, a capacity building organization or a service provider for non-profit organizations? is for you!

You contribute to by sharing new insightful stories, highlighting the best ones from all submissions, and sharing your ideas in follow-up discussions.

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